Summer Fire Safety

The warm days of summer create an ideal backdrop to see a new city, spend time in the great outdoors or celebrate with fireworks. Before you leave for vacation, check out these summer fire safety tips.

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BBQ Safety

Nothing says summer like the smell of BBQ in the air. Enjoying tasty food with friends and family in the warm sun is a great way to kick off the season. BBQ’s are fun, but grills come with a considerable fire risk. Before you start up your grill, brush up on your grill safety knowledge.
Grill […]

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Spring Maintenance

In spring, focus your home maintenance tasks on water damage prevention. Spring showers can invade your home through your roofline, windows or basement. There are also water damage culprits inside your home. Appliances and pipes can malfunction leading to leaks. The key to preventing as much water damage as possible is to regularly look for […]

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Prevent Spring Water Damage – DIY Inspection

Warm days are around the corner, but so are spring showers. ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey in Des Moines, Iowa compiled a DIY inspection checklist to help you prevent spring water damage in your home.

Bathrooms & Kitchen:

The cold winter weather might have done some damage to your pipes. Inspect the rooms in your home with […]

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Winter Heating Fires

When the temperature drops, you probably rely on multiple heat sources in your home. Fireplaces, space heaters and central heat all have varying best practices. If not followed, a fire disaster is likely to occur. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), heating home fires are most common in December, January and February. Protect […]

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