Des Moines, Iowa water damage cleanup help.

When you experience water damage in Des Moines, Iowa, you need help – fast. Our team of water damage mitigation experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey can arrive on site quickly and begin the restoration process immediately. Timing is everything when it comes to water damage, so it’s crucial that you call us as soon as possible (after you call the plumber if necessary, of course!). Whether it’s a flooded basement, a broken pipe, or an overflowing appliance, water can cause a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. Don’t risk permanent damage to your property or your belongings in Des Moines, Iowa, call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey.

Our Process

  1. Inspection and Assessment of Damage

    When we arrive on site to assess the damages at your home or business, we do a full inspection. Upon inspection, we come up with a custom restoration plan for you that addresses the specific water damage situation involved. Our technicians will explain to you what we’re going to do and provide a quote for our services. 

  2. Water Removal Process

    With industry-leading technique and equipment, we begin the drying process. This involves a series of industrial-strength dryers, dehumidifiers, and other necessary tools to completely dry your home or business. We use moisture detection devices that allow us to know exactly how dry your carpet, drywall, and other personal items are so there is no question whether the job is done or not.

  3. Anti-Microbial Application and Sanitation

    With water damage often comes mold. This is why we ensure the application of an anti-microbial and sanitation solution to that mold doesn’t grow and that you’re safe from pathogens. Depending on the type of floodwater involved, it’s possible there are health risks involved. This is mostly the case with sewage water or rainwater from a natural disaster.

  4. Final Drying

    We continue the air movement and ventilation process until everything is thoroughly dry. This includes the use of dehumidifiers and moisture level monitoring until our team is absolutely certain all the water is gone. 

Water damage is a serious issue. The longer you wait to call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey, the worse the damage could become. Don’t let this happen to you! Flood water damage or any other type of overflowing appliance situation should always be assessed and repaired by a professional. When you need help with water damage in Des Moines, we’re here for you. Call or contact us today.